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Host your next gathering on Floor Five :

Questions? Look at the FAQs below, or contact our Floor Five Coordinator at 423-637-1938.

Floor Five at The Enterprise Center:

Event Spaces for the Chattanooga Community

The Edney Innovation Building in downtown Chattanooga is home to The Enterprise Center’s Floor Five. 

This floor houses free meeting and event space for creators, innovators, entrepreneurs, and doers,

 to grow their projects and build community. 

Community Space
Accelerator Space
Large Conference Room
Small Conference Room

Click below for more information on our spaces!

Current Covid 19 Safety Protocol

The Enterprise Center is committed to keeping every user on the floor safe while maintaining our mission to provide a space to that brings people together. We have reopened our floor, but in light of the spread of COVID-19 we have added a few regulations to the space to ensure safety for everyone.

We are asking meeting coordinators to inform visitors that masks are currently highly recommended when attending events on the floor. We are a community space, we care about high risk individuals, and we are a high-traffic environment; please wash your hands often when using Floor Five and mask when possible in common areas.

We also ask that social distancing be maintained and cleaning & sanitizing protocols be followed.

Floor Five F.A.Q.

How much does it cost to hold an event on Floor Five?

There is no charge.

The Enterprise Center’s Floor Five is a meeting and event space for creators, innovators, entrepreneurs, and doers, to grow their projects and build community. It was created to ensure that all members of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem have access to well-equipped spaces for their projects. The Enterprise Center is a  non-profit, so the space is 100% free to use. All we ask is that you respect our beautiful Floor Five, clean up after your event, and leave everything as you found it.  Of course, If you have a positive experience using our spaces and are interested in making a donation to The Enterprise Center, you are more than welcome to do so and we are always grateful!

What kinds of events can be held on Floor Five?

Floor Five can accommodate events of all kinds for up to 140 people. People often use the space for meetings, presentations, classes, rehearsals, performances, arts meetups, company retreats, and much more!

Due to our nonprofit status, we cannot allow any events that are explicitly religious or political in nature.

We do not allow events that require admission beyond the cost of supplies. For example, if someone were teaching a cooking class, they could ask their group to pitch in to help purchase the food, but any fee beyond that is prohibited. Because the space is free to book, we believe that anyone interested should be able to participate in the events held here, regardless of their capacity to pay.

What are the rules on Floor Five?

  • Floor Five is a community-use space and has many different guests utilizing the space simultaneously,  so you must fully break down after your events and you may not leave any personal belongings in the spaces overnight.
  • Guests must fully clean up after each event. Specific guidelines for cleaning will be listed in booking confirmation emails, as well as in binders posted in each space. If the space is not cleaned/re-set properly, there is a cleaning fee.
  • While you are here, other folks will be having events, meetings, and get-togethers in the adjacent spaces. Please be respectful of all other guests while using the spaces.


What kinds of spaces are available?

Community Space:

Capacity: 60 people

Description: Multi-use space often utilized for large speaking events and presentations, meetings, panels, teaching, and team-building


  • Large Crestron projector 
  • Epson whiteboard & projector
  • Microphone & sound equipment
  • (4) Rolling room dividers
  • (1) Podium(9)
  • (15) 6’x2′ tables
  • (60) chairs

Accelerator Space:

Capacity: 50 people

Description: Multi-use space often used for large staff meetings, networking, mixers, trainings and classes


  • Epson whiteboard & projector
  • Microphone & sound equipment
  • (15) 6’x2′ tables
  • (30) Rolling chairs
  • (7) Accent chairs
  • (2) 6′ Couches

Large Conference Room:

Capacity: up to 20 people.

Description: Private conference room best suited for hybrid meetings



  • Google Meet system
  • Whiteboard
  • Large Projector
  • TV monitors with HDMI hookup


  • (16) Rolling office chairs
  • (2) Moveable 6’x2′ tables
  • Large 22’x4′ meeting table

Small Conference Room:

Capacity: up to 10 people

Description: Private small conference room with a beautiful view for intimate gatherings and meets


  • Whiteboard
  • TV monitors with HDMI hookup


  • (8) Rolling office chairs
  • Meeting table

How do I use the available technology in the spaces? 

  • Each space has a display that connects to your device via HDMI cable. Please check your computer port ahead of time to see if you need to bring an adaptor.
  • Using Google Meet (in place of Zoom) is highly recommended in the Large Conference Room.
  • If you are going to use the TV screens, Projectors, Google Meet system, or audio/visual equipment, please reach out to schedule a training session. The training session must take place no later than 24 hours before your event start time

How do I get to Floor Five?

Our Address is 1100 Market St, #500, Chattanooga, TN.

You have access to Floor Five between 7am and 6:30 pm on weekdays.  

Use the entrance on East 11th Street (directly across from Patten Towers and The Pickle Barrel) and take the elevator up to the fifth floor. There is a display in the lobby that lists names and locations of the events taking place. If you need to get to the offices, turn right upon exiting the elevators and proceed all the way to the end of the building. Please respect the safety of our visitors and staff by only allowing guests for your event to enter the building.

Can I hold an event on the weekend?

Yes! Currently, however, weekends cannot be booked online.

Please make sure your event meets all criteria outlined in the section : “What kinds of events can be held on Floor Five” – then email a detailed description of your plan for your event, including time, date, intention, and expected guest count, as well as your phone number, to floorfive@theenterprisectr.org.

Can I charge people an admission fee for my event?

No. Because our space is community oriented, we prefer that events held on Floor Five are free and open to the public.


Can I serve food and drink? 

Yes. You’re welcome to! However, you are responsible for cleaning up after your event. 


What about alcohol? 

Maybe. Events that serve alcohol must comply with our Floor Five Policies. We require that you:

  1. Provide ABC permits for those serving the alcohol
  2. Sign an event contract
  3. Provide a copy of your Special Event Permit issued by the City or your Caterer’s alcohol permit
  4. Provide proof of liability insurance


Will anyone be available to help with my event?

The Enterprise Center staff is typically in our office on Floor Five from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM  on weekdays,  however,  we are a small staff and are often helping several events at one time.

If you anticipate needing assistance, please make an appointment ahead of time with the Innovation District Events & Operations Coordinator, FloorFive@theenterprisectr.org, to learn about the space and how to use the equipment

Contact Us About
Floor Five at The Edney

Leanne Jones, Floor Five & Events Coordinator – leanne@theeenterprisectr.org