August 21, 2020

Thanks to technology, pastor says fellowship is growing during pandemic


Since Covid-19 reached our community, The Enterprise Center has helped connect small businesses, non-profits, and faith-based organizations to the technology and tech assistance they need to survive during social distancing. TEC’s Casey Miller sat down with one of the churches that received technical support to help transition their ministries online.

Alonzo Noble is the pastor at Galilee Missionary Baptist Church, and Angela Price is the church administrator. They received tech support from Tech Goes Home volunteer Abigail Bell.

Has your attitude toward tech changed during the pandemic?

Pastor Noble: It has been challenging and exciting to move a church forward in this era. I’m still learning about the different platforms and software that is available. Angela is good with technology and is a detailed person, and she keeps me reading.

How has the technology support impacted your ministries?

Angela Price: With Abigail’s help, we were able to improve our Facebook page and reach our church community on a bigger scale and broader spectrum. We have a worship service at 10am via Facebook Live. And for those that don’t have a smartphone or device, they can call into a conference line. Our audience has definitely grown.

Pastor Noble: The first time I preached on Facebook Live, I got a call from my aunt in Buffalo, NY, which just blew my mind. Its reach is limitless!

Our Bible study has grown; we started at 4-5 people, and it has grown to 20 people. Now people that are not members of our church join us, and I encourage members to invite their friends and family.

Angela Price: We also set up online giving and Givelify, and we’ve seen an increase in our church offering. We’ve had people give online that have not previously been part of the church.

Pastor Noble: In all we give God all the glory. We appreciate the help of Abigail, but without God, none of this would be possible.

What is next in terms of your online ministries?

Angela Price: We want a website, so I’ve looked at GoDaddy, and I’ve downloaded a book on Amazon about web design. I would like to offer a speaker series through Zoom, geared toward the children and youth and also public health.

You said your membership and participation has grown. How are technology adaptations impacting the fellowship among your members?

Angela Price: Most of our membership are older people. We have a member who will turn 100 next month! Many of them are adapting to the technology, but we also call to check on each other.

Pastor Noble: We emphasize keeping in contact with members because I don’t want anyone to be left out. It seems like our fellowship is actually growing during the pandemic - I think we’re getting a lot closer.