The Enterprise Center seeks proposals for moving Small Business Resiliency Kit online

The Enterprise Center is seeking proposals for creation of a web-based tool to assist small businesses faced with emergencies. The selected design and development firm will build an accessible, user-focused “Resiliency Kit” that will help small businesses, nonprofits, and faith-based institutions navigate challenges during uncertain times. The Enterprise Center has already convened experts and practitioners to curate and develop resources for the resiliency kit at the center of this request for proposals.

The aim of the Resiliency Kit is to equip small businesses to respond to changes efficiently and effectively by identifying what they need to navigate a crisis, who can help them, and where and how to pursue resources and support for sustainability. The need for this kind of tool became apparent as many community organizations faced challenges applying for and receiving funds from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

The deadline for submitting a proposal is August 4, and the project should be completed on or before October 27.

View the Request for Proposals

Recording of Q&A for developers, July 29, 2020

Additional Q&A:

Q.How will the curated list of resources be provided? What type of files are they? We wanted to confirm the content source.

A.Ideally we will enter them into the CMS ourselves to make sure we fully understand how to do that. That said, we’ll provide our existing spreadsheet that we’re working from so that the vendor will have real-world content to design with. All external resources will be in the form of links, we won’t be embedding any video or iframes, etc.

Q.Do you have a general idea of how much content, or how many internal pages there might be on the site? We are trying to gauge how many page templates, and how much time would be spent on content loading.

A.In our current vision there’s one page with lots of info on it, progressive disclosed to the user as they ask for more information about a particular item on the checklist. We have about 125 resources or spreadsheets in the mix.

Q.Lighthouse can sometimes render aspects of sites with lower scores, and once researched in industry standard tools (i.e. SEMrush for SEO), the results are different. We wanted to confirm that if the score is under 90, that there would be corroborating, rational evidence that the site would be deficient in industry standard tools showing them to have high scores. Is there flexibility here?

A.We’ll be flexible when it comes to SEO scores if there’s a reasonable argument to be made that favors end users. The other Lighthouse scores are firm requirements.

Q. The proposal mentions a 90% ranking in Lighthouse for SEO. We are assuming the proposal would need to include SEO services to fully optimize the website - of which some items would need to be handled after launch. Can you confirm this?

A. We will have all of the content in place before the launch and we’ll want to achieve a 90 score at that point. They should budget time for that work, but once we take over after launch SEO is in our hands.

Q.What are you trying to achieve with the Open Source license? We haven’t ever licensed our code. Our clients own their sites, and can do whatever licensing they wish as they own it. Or is the issue wanting to have access to the Open Source code so that if one agency goes under, another agency can pick up support easily?

A.We want other local governments to be able to re-use our work here with their own resources. Making it open-sourced means we don’t have to deal with contracts or warranties to give the tool away.

Q.Without user-specific information, Google Analytics can track a user’s journey to specific pages on the site (i.e. if the checklist had sections on different pages), but may not be able to get into specific questions answered within a page. Is this acceptable?

A.While we don’t believe this to be the case, we can discuss it further if your proposal is chosen.

Q.The RFP asks for the inclusion of what kind of workflow do you envision for users of the tool (checklist, choose your own adventure, etc.). We aren’t sure we have enough information based on the RFP to fully understand all of the content. Can you provide more details?

A.Please see a PDF of the spreadsheet here.