April 13, 2017

Metro Ideas Project Tapped to Measure Impact of Chattanooga's Innovation District

The Enterprise Center has engaged Metro Ideas Project, a Chattanooga-based research think tank focused on public policy, to evaluate and identify key performance indicators for Chattanooga’s Innovation District. Through an extensive research process, Metro Ideas Project will:

  • Develop a set of reliable, valid, and clear metrics to measure the success and effects of Chattanooga’s Innovation District;
  • Evaluate the success and impact of the Innovation District, including its effects internally and on the broader urban community; and
  • Provide a basis for which to compare Chattanooga’s Innovation District to itself prior to the emergence of the district and to its peers.

The study will include two phases:

Phase 1: An evaluation of the effects and impacts of Chattanooga’s innovation district internally. The primary objective of this phase is to develop a core set of measurable indicators to measure the economic, place-based, innovation, and civic engagement effects of an innovation district. Phase 1 conclusions and recommendations are anticipated to be complete in summer 2017.

Phase 2: A preliminary analysis of the external effects and impacts of Chattanooga’s innovation district on the rest of the city and county. The primary objective is to establish a baseline for measuring impact in the months and years ahead, with a secondary objective of gaining an understanding of the effect the Innovation District has had upon resident perspectives in border neighborhoods, community stakeholders across the county, and significant firms within the region. Phase 2 is expected to be complete in early fall 2017.

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Upon project completion, Metro Ideas Project will provide actionable recommendations to strengthen the district, improve upon successes, and mitigate existing or potential weaknesses, as well as provide a strategy to monitor continued progress within the district.

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