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Floor Five Event Policy

Thank you for hosting your event on Floor Five!

Please take a moment to review and sign the Floor Five Event Policy document.

Previous users, please take a moment to read and sign this document to familiarize yourself with our updated rules and regulations.

All NEW USERS are REQUIRED to fill out and sign this document before their event will be approved.

As of 09/01/22, events will ONLY be approved if there is a signed copy of this document on file with The Enterprise Center offices.

You only need to sign & submit this document once per year.


Expectations of Floor Five Event Organizers

The Enterprise Center is pleased to be able to provide you with the opportunity to hold your event on Floor Five of The Edney Innovation Center.

We are happy that we are able to provide this space for your use at no cost.

To keep the cost of managing the space low, we have some expectations of event organizers.

General Use Policy

Community Use

Floor Five is a community-use space, and is accessible to all when open.

We have many different users, so guests cannot leave any personal belongings in the spaces overnight.

Guests must fully clean and break down after each event. Specific guidelines for cleaning are listed below. If the space is not cleaned/re-set properly, there is a cleaning fee.

While you are here, other folks may also be having events, meetings, and get-togethers.

Please be respectful of all other guests using the spaces.

Event Cost:

We do not allow events at The Enterprise Center to charge for admission. 

Our space is community oriented, so we prefer that events held on Floor Five are free and open to the public, so that anyone interested can participate, regardless of their capacity to pay. 


This is a free, community-use space, so it is extremely important to us here at The Enterprise Center that all of the folks who utilize our rooms be respectful of the other community members who rely on the spaces. Failure to cancel your reservation ahead of time blocks others from potentially utilizing the space.

As more and more of our workforce transitions back to in-person events, meetings and presentations, we expect Floor Five to become increasingly busy.

Failure to cancel your reservation at least 48 hours ahead of time will now result in a suspension or permanent block on your access to the space.

Cleaning Policy

keeping Floor Five Clean:

Our community spaces are free to rent, however, If you fail to meet all standards of cleaning listed below, you are responsible for a $150 Cleaning Fee and/or a permanent ban on use of the space. This fee can be paid with cash or credit card, or with 8 hours of volunteer work in our spaces.

After your event on Floor Five, you are expected to:

  • Wipe down tables & furniture with sanitizer after use
  • Sweep and vacuum all crumbs from the floor and furniture
  • Return furniture its original configuration
    • Configuration is listed in physical event binders posted in spaces, as well as on our website
  • Manage your trash:
    • If a trash barrel is full, take out the trash bag, tie it closed and leave it in the kitchen near the other bins. 
    • ALWAYS Double bag. Leaking trash bags will result in automatic application of cleaning fee. 
  • Wipe down dry erase boards
  • TURN OFF all tech equipment (projector, TV monitors, or microphones) after use

Community Kitchen:

  • Please clean all items after use.
  • Please do not bring items to cook food. We have a microwave available. No appliances for additional cooking or frying are allowed in the space unless specifically approved by management.
  • We have a coffee pot available and you may bring coffee. Please rinse coffee pot after use.
  • Please do not leave behind creamers and sugars.
  • Put dishes in the dishwasher, run dishwasher, and leave the sink clean.

Excess Food Policy:

  • Check with the Floor Five Manager to see if they will make a donation run for your excess food!
  • Only sealed drinks and sealed snacks may be left behind after an event.
  • All open food must be disposed of or removed from the floor.

Off-Hours Event Policy

Events after 6:30pm or during weekend hours require a keycard to access the building.

We only allow a limited number of events per weekend, on a first-come, first-served basis. Please plan ahead!

If you are a new user and your first event occurs on a weekend, you will be asked to schedule and attend a 15-20 minute Floor Five orientation in the week leading up to your event. 

Building access

It is your responsibility to :

  1. Obtain a key before your event
    • If you do not either: pick up your key or contact the office regarding late key pick up by 1pm on the Friday prior to your weekend event, your weekend event will be automatically canceled
  2. Return your key after your event
    • Keycard must be returned before leaving the building.
    • Failure to return the key following your event will result in a strike.
      • Two strikes may result in a permanent ban on using the space.
    • Loss of key will result in a $100 key replacement fee.

It is your responsibility to manage the front door, only allowing your visitors entry.

  • As people exit you are responsible for ensuring the security of the building – do not allow strangers to enter the building.
  • Should a security concern arise during evening or weekend events, call Deb at (617) 251- 8358.
  • If there is an emergency, call 911.

Key Policy : Obtaining a KEY


The Edney Building is open 7 am – 6:30 pm, Monday – Friday.

You may come by to pick up your key during open hours. The keys are released on the Monday prior to the weekend.


Our Address is 1100 Market Street. 

Use the entrance on East 11th Street (Right at the corner of Market and East 11th – In front of Patten Towers). Take the elevator up to the fifth floor.

The Enterprise Center offices are located at the far end of the building, on the fifth floor.  Take a right when you exit the elevator and head all the way down. You will see a blue wall with the T.E.C. Logo. 

  • Your key is in a bin on the blue bookshelf in the main office
  • It is in an envelope with your name. 

If you do not pick up your key (or contact the office regarding pick up) by 1pm on the Friday prior to your weekend event, your weekend event will be automatically canceled

If you are locked out of the building, or have any other non-emergency issue that requires a staff member to come on site during Off-Hours, you will be charged a $50 fee.



You must confirm all details regarding the necessary tech equipment required for your visit at least 1 week prior to your event.

Available Equipment:

Clip-on Microphones
Hand-held Microphones
Microphone Stands
Video Camera
Adaptor cords & cables
Large Projector Screens (Community Space & Large Conference Room)
Epson Whiteboard Projectors (Accelerator Space & Community Space)
Speaker System


  • Each space has a display that can be connected to a laptop via HDMI cable. Please check your computer port ahead of time to see if you need to bring an adaptor. If we have one that will fit your specifications, we can provide one if we are given advanced notice.
  • Using Google Meet (in place of Zoom) is highly recommended in the Large Conference Room.
  • If you are going to use the TV screens, Projectors, Google Meet system, or audio/visual equipment, email Floor Five to schedule a training session.
    • The training session must be scheduled no later than one week prior to your event start time. 
  • There is a full printed copy of the PDF of the tech manual in the Community & Accelerator Space if needed during your event.

If you are planning on using our presentation or technological equipment during your meeting or event, it is highly recommended that you schedule a short on-site training class.

Please reach out to Floor Five no later than one week prior to your event to set up training.


Please respect our guests and our spaces, and hold events ONLY in the areas you have reserved. 

Please double check your reservation emails to make sure you are in the correct space.

To optimize usage, we may shift your event to a different space, but we will always notify you when this happens.


Booking the spaces on weekends is a special privilege, as we have limited staff on premise, and we trust our guests to adhere to general community standards. 

We only allow a limited number of events per weekend, on a first come, first serve basis. Please plan ahead!

If you are requesting off-hours use of the space, and you have never used Floor Five at the Enterprise Center: 

You will need to do a 20 minute orientation with a Floor Five manager prior to receiving your keycard.

Please email ahead of time to schedule the orientation. 


  Since we do not have an alcohol permit, we require specific documents to allow events that serve alcohol.

  At least 2 weeks prior to your event, we need :

A copy of the permit held by your chosen catering company specific to alcohol service


A copy of your special events permit from the city

                      Your reservation will not be approved until all documentation is in place 

1. Catering Company:

The easiest way to offer an event that serves alcohol at our facility is by hiring catering company that already has an alcohol permit attached to their catering license.

A copy of the license needs to be submitted 2 weeks prior to your event or it will not be approved.

2. Special Events Permit:

You can apply to the city of Chattanooga for a Special Events permit

In addition to the permit, we will need:
2. A copy of the liability insurance held by your company.
3. Copies of  Tennessee ABC Permit cards for all people in charge of alcohol service for your event.
4. A credit card on file for potential cleaning fees.



Previous users, please take a moment to read and sign this document to familiarize yourself with our updated rules and regulations. You only need to submit this document once.

All NEW USERS are REQUIRED to fill out and sign this document before their event will be approved.

Floor Five Event Policy Document

I am signing below to incidcate that I have read through and understand everything listed above on the events policy page. 

As the event organizer, I take responsibility for all cleaning & reset of the space, as well as communicating all rules to any of staff who will be on site.

  • As the event organizer, I take responsibility for the security of everyone using the space.
  • I understand that it is my job to make sure everyone using our space is safe, and that only people attending my event are allowed access to the space. I will not prop open the doors to the Edney or share my key with others.
  • I understand I need to communicate all of my technology needs and schedule trainings with equipment ahead of time
  • I understand that my weekend event with be automatically canceled if I do not pick up my key by 1pm on the Friday before my event
  • My event is not political (campaign related) or religious in nature
  • My event does not charge admission.
  • My event does not serve alcohol.
  • If my event includes food/catering, I will discuss all details with Floor Five management. 

The Enterprise Center provide this space for your use at no cost

However, I understand that that there are some instances where my event may incur a fee:

  1. If I fail to adhere to Cleaning & Room Reset Policy, I am responsible for a $150 Cleaning Fee or a permanent ban on use of the space. 
  2. Loss of key will result in a $100 key replacement fee.
  3. If I have any non-emergency issue that requires a staff member to come on site during Off-Hours, I will be charged a $50 fee.
I have read the Floor Five Event Policy in full, and I understand & agree to all rules stated above: