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Chattanooga entrepreneur wins international award, livestreams ceremony at the Edney

A headshot of Monique Kuykendoll Quarterman, MBA

By Nicole Coleman

The Vessels of Virtue award ceremony held in Johannesburg, South Africa drew livestream viewers from across the globe — including Chattanooga entrepreneur Rosetta Greer who was honored as the sole winner from the U.S. at the event for her business Crowning Your Essence.Greer accepted the award for Social Entrepreneurship and Engagement in Leadership virtually at a livestream screening on Floor Five at The Edney Innovation Center

Innovation District Events & Marketing Manager, Nicole Coleman, interviewed Greer about her business and the impact of her accolade. 

Nicole: What is Crowning Your Essence? 

Rosetta: Crowning Your Essence Is my career and consulting company. I work with individuals and couples in the life coaching sector and those are usually in sessions or small groups. For the business consulting tier, I work with new and established business owners, small businesses, and startups. I help them to either develop their business or expand their mindset from where they are in business at the time of our meeting. I also do training sessions. 

Nicole: What is the training for executives called? 

Rosetta Greer: The KHEBRA (pronounced key-bruh) Experience. It is for executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders. My vision is to pour into people who run this world and remind them to lead through introspection. I’ve been working with investors around the world in the last 6 to 7 weeks. One of the things I often ask myself is what do people like us need?  A partner of mine told me that people want knowledge. I said that people like stakeholders need to breathe, reset the mind constantly, and have accountability. I saw this list — Knowledge, Honor, Emotional intelligence, Breathing, Resetting the mind, Accountability. And I said, ‘K.H.E.B.R.A looks like a word.’ So I looked it up on Google and it literally is an Arabic term that means deep knowledge. 

Nicole: How did you connect with the Vessels of Virtue organization in South Africa?  

Rosetta: The visionary behind Vessels of Virtue, Precious Nyarambi, had been working with other people in America. We met through a mutual connection and started following each other on social media. She messaged me one day and said she would love to feature me in their magazine. So I sent her my autobiography. I answered the questions she sent me and I thought the journey would end there. Then she came back and said, ‘I love the work that you do, could you do a master class to prepare us for this award?’ 

So I did this master class. She sent me a message after class and told me she was  nominating me for this award. There was an adjudication process where I had to sit with judges on zoom and they interviewed me. About a week later, I got an email saying that I was chosen for the United States category. 

Nicole: What do you hope the impact of this award will have on the people you serve? 

Rosetta: I want to remind people that nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it. If you desire something,you have to be willing to do what it takes to honor your vision. No matter what type of traction you think you have or don’t have, people are watching you. The world is watching you. Whatever room you go in — from the gas station and grocery store to a speaking engagement or gala, show up as an authentic leader and a sovereign being of your ship. Align that with what you believe is right for your life and everything you desire will come times four, times twenty, times fifty, times infinity.