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The ACP is winding down & no longer enrolling — here are alternate options

Benefits for those currently enrolled in ACP will end in May

All existing recipients: You must reach out to your internet service provider to avoid any unexpected bills (numbers listed below), as only partial payments will be made in May. Call your provider to determine if you want to disconnect your existing service; change your current plan or provider; or continue your current service without the $30/month benefit.

If you’re looking for alternative low-cost internet options, see below for our compiled list, including:

  • Public WiFi Locations in Hamilton County, TN
  • Other low-cost and local providers in Hamilton County, TN (scroll down)

HCS EDCONNECT — no-cost wifi for HCS students with need

If you have children in your household who attend Hamilton County Schools (K-12), you may qualify for no-cost wifi through HCS EdConnect. Click here to get details + contact your school to apply!

a little boy with glasses raises his arms in triumph while looking at the computer

The lifeline Program: Affordable phone + Internet 

Lifeline is a federal program dedicated to making phone and internet service more affordable for low-income households, providing eligible consumers with a monthly discount of up to $9.25 on phone, internet or bundled service. Learn more and apply here.

CHattanooga / Hamilton Co. regional internet providers:

Internet speed varies based on provider. Cost subject to change; updated May 22, 2024

AT&T Access*$30/month for income eligible households800-288-2020
Ben Lomand Connect$57.95/month800-974-7779
Bledsoe Telephone Co$89.45/month423-447-2121

HCS EdConnect, Powered by EPB*

$0/month for eligible HCS families
Spectrum Internet Assist*
$25/month for income eligible households
Spring City Cable$74.90/month888-365-7288
T Mobile Home Internet$50/month866-984-4945
Twin Lakes$49.99/month931-268-2151
Verizon Forward*
$20/month for income eligible households
XFinity Internet Essentials*
$9.95/month for income eligible households

* Denotes a lower cost plan with specific eligibility requirements; check with the provider to see if you qualify.


Q: Why is the ACP freezing enrollments on February 7th and ending the benefit in April?

Without additional funding from Congress, the allotted $14.2 billion to fund the ACP is projected to run out in April 2024 (this date is an estimate and may change). As a result, the FCC has begun taking steps to wind down the ACP – including freezing enrollment.

Q: I am currently receiving the ACP benefit — what happens next?

The benefit will cease being applied to your Internet bill when ACP funding runs out, which is currently projected to be in April 2024. You should keep an eye out for communications from your ISP, but you also should not wait to hear from them: Reach out before your benefit ends to avoid any unexpected bills. Contact your ISP to determine when billed service may begin, and make any changes — such as switching to a lower cost plan or provider — before then.

Q: What if I am eligible for the ACP, but not yet enrolled?

A: Starting February 8, 2024, no new enrollments for the remaining funding window will be accepted. If you qualified for the ACP but you did not sign up with an internet company before February 7, 2024 at 11:59 PM ET, then you can no longer enroll in the ACP.

Q: Will the ACP program continue?

We hope so, but no new funding has currently been authorized. A bipartisan bill to continue ACP funding has been introduced in both the House and the Senate, and you can read more about that effort here. You can also learn more about ACP advocacy via Common Sense Media.

Q: What is the Lifeline benefit?

A: Lifeline provides eligible consumers with up to $9.25 off the cost of phone, internet, or bundled services. While many utilize this benefit for mobile phone service, it can be applied to your internet bill. Learn more at https://www.lifelinesupport.org.

Additional Wind-down Resources from the FCC:

  • If you were/are an ACP recipient and you have had issues with your internet provider, report problems here.
  • For additional needs, visit FCC.gov.


Give us a call: (423) 521-2071

If we aren’t able to answer, please leave a voicemail and we’ll return your call as quickly as possible.(English + Spanish speakers available)

Join us for a broadband access & skills conference July 22-23:

We’re thrilled to host the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development’s 2024 Digital Opportunity Summit — and equally thrilled to invite you a day early, to dig into Chattanooga and Hamilton County’s digital opportunity story …