Basecamp Meetup showing the organizational role The Enterprise Center has in the community

Innovation District of Chattanooga

Managed by The Enterprise Center, The Innovation District of Chattanooga is part of the city's dense and walkable urban core that contains a catalytic mix of start-up businesses, incubators, accelerators and other innovation economy generators and amenities.

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The Gig allows research and dev to opperate efficently


Our agenda aims to increase Chattanooga’s opportunities as a national test-bed, or living laboratory, for the creation, development, education, and business generation potential of the city's digital assets, in particular the gigabit network and smart grid.

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Digital Equity and Inclusion meeting


To promote digital asset availability to everyone in Chattanooga, Tech Goes Home is a digital inclusion program that works with community partners to help residents across Hamilton County gain access to the skills, hardware, and Internet connectivity required for 21st century success.

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