The Enterprise Center is establishing Chattanooga as a hub of innovation, improving people’s lives by leveraging the city’s digital technology to create, demonstrate, test, and apply solutions for the 21st century.

Here are just a few ways we're doing it: 

Innovation District


The Chattanooga Innovation District is a newly designated area of Chattanooga’s dense and walkable urban core that contains a catalytic mix of start-up businesses, incubators, accelerators and other innovation economy generators and amenities.  Learn more about Chattanooga's Innovation District

Digital Inclusion

Tech Goes Home Chattanooga is a new digital inclusion program helping residents across Hamilton County gain access to the skills, hardware, and Internet connectivity required for 21st century success. To learn more about the program, or find out where courses are being offered this fall, visit Tech Goes Home CHA.


Growing Economy_1.jpg

Having all parts of a healthy entrepreneurship ecosystem in place is crucial to be able to develop, attract, and keep talent necessary to the new economy.  The Enterprise Center is ensuring that this ecosystem is strong, flexible and growing in Chattanooga.  


In 2013, newly elected Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke tasked a group of 25 Chattanoogans with determining how to build on the success already realized through ad-hoc, volunteer-based, loosely-organized efforts to maximize the "gig" opportunity. A few months later, Mayor Berke, Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger, and Congressman Chuck Fleischmann responded to the task force's recommendations by forming a new entity focused solely on guiding community efforts related to the "gig": The Enterprise Center


  • Information technology and innovation are driving the new global economy.
  • In working together collaboratively.
  • Equity and inclusion must be hallmarks of our work.
  • Chattanooga’s unique character and spirit are key advantages for a leap into the new economy.

What we're doing...

4K Microscope at STEM School Chattanooga

STEM students in Chattanooga, home to the country’s first community-wide gigabit network, are experiencing biology and STEM like never before. Watch the video to learn more!