January 14, 2019

Teaching Like a Boss in 2019

teach-like-a-boss-ac5a8d.jpgThe Innovation District is a place where Chattanoogans connect and create together. In short, it’s a community. And we know how important that community is to both our success as a city, and for the individuals here.

Take spaces like Society of Work, which brings together freelancers and small teams with peers and mentors, or Floor Five of the Edney, where a wide array of events unite and connect people from all corners of the city. The District is much more than lines drawn on a map, and that’s why we’re so excited about working with The Public Education Foundation and Hamilton County Schools’ Teacherpreneur this year.

At the Pitch Night this past October, we provided additional funding to the project which best espoused the values of the Innovation District, and could best use the resources available in it to affect public education. Lauren Swanson and Chelsie Durham won with their project Teach Like a Boss.

These two entrepreneurs pitched their idea for the support and community of teachers. All teachers, but especially new teachers, need to feel successful in their classrooms — and to keep teaching, even when the job can seem overwhelming. That’s exactly what we hope the Innovation District provides for professionals from across the spectrum — not least of all our educators. It’s a community designed to be inclusive; a space everyone can make their own, with active support for success in a rapidly changing world.

We were excited to see this recent article in the Times Free Press, showcasing the work HCS and leaders like Erin Kirby are doing in supporting first-year teachers. And we were especially excited to know our Teach like a Boss Teacherpreneurs will be hosting a session in January just for these teachers — what a positive way to kick off 2019!

We’ll be sharing more of their work throughout the year - you can learn more about Teach like a Boss here, and Teacherpreneur, here. And, if you’d like to get involved? Reach out!

Happy New year, and good luck to all of the first year teachers for their second semester; we hope the Innovation District continues to be an asset as you live, work and play in our community.