A better city and a better world because of Chattanooga’s unique integration of world class connected technology with a dynamic culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.


The Enterprise Center is a non-profit organization with a local board of directors whose public-serving mission is to establish Chattanooga as a hub of innovation and improve people’s lives by leveraging the city’s digital technology to create, demonstrate, test and apply solutions for the 21st century.

The Enterprise Center is a public-private partnership dedicated to achieving three strategic goals in the following ways:

  • Innovation District - The Enterprise Center helped establish and continues to promote and develop Chattanooga’s Innovation District, 140 acres in the heart of the city where creative thinkers, entrepreneurs, students, and tech-savvy innovators can collide and collaborate to conceive and implement new ideas.
  • Research and Application Development - Through partnerships with EPB and UTC, and by leveraging The Enterprise Center’s relationships with such institutions as ORNL, the National Science Foundation, U.S. Ignite, and the University of Southern California, The Enterprise Center is helping establish Chattanooga as a test-bed for the development of next generation smart products, processes, and services.
  • Digital Equity - The Enterprise Center is determined to address issues of digital equity and to promote digital asset availability through programs such as Tech Goes Home, a digital inclusion program that provides Chattanoogans with the skills, hardware, and connectivity to thrive in a technology-driven environment.

We Believe:

  • Information technology and innovation are driving the new global economy.
  • In working together collaboratively.
  • Equity and inclusion must be hallmarks of our work.
  • Chattanooga’s unique character and spirit are key advantages for a leap into the new economy.

The Enterprise Center is located in the Edney Innovation Center in the heart of Chattanooga’s downtown Innovation District.