Floor Five is a collaborative event and accelerator space for entrepreneurs, startups, community organizations and initiatives.

  • COMMUNITY: The primary purpose of Floor Five of the Edney Innovation Center is to bring together and support the growth of the Innovation District and entrepreneurial community. Serving as the community space and gathering area for the Innovation District, our space supports several programs and gives access to community participants and building tenants.

  • COLLABORATION: We focus on collaboration and have set up our space for intentional collisions. This means while your event is going on there might be people walking by, people meeting in nearby spaces. We encourage and focus on events that are open and invite others to join. Our Edney tenants love to take part and are curious about what’s going on in the community. If you need privacy, we strongly encourage you to book the conference rooms.

  • OWNERSHIP: Our Floor Five space and furniture is flexible to accommodate different event setups. Please respect the space as your own. This includes returning everything to the way you found it and understand that other groups will be meeting in the space after you and would like it to be the same great experience you had.

  • INNOVATION: Our space is an experiment in providing the community access to event and meeting space bringing people together in collaboration. We are constantly changing and working to improve what we can provide to the community. This means things won’t be perfect, but if you prepare for your event, understand how our space works, and are flexible we are confident our space will meet your needs. If during your visit, things are not as you expected, we would love to hear your feedback in our post survey form.


What kind events can be held on Floor Five?

Floor Five is an intentional community space that brings together the entrepreneurial and innovative community to grow and learn, connect, find balance and be inspired.

How much does it cost to hold an event?

There is currently no charge to reserve Floor Five space. However, events must align with the mission of Floor Five.

Can I reserve the entire Floor?

We work hard to accommodate as many events as possible on Floor Five. If your event needs more than one space, we will consider multiple room reservations. We cannot guarantee privacy in our community or accelerator space.

What audio/visual equipment is in each space?

Each room is able to display a computer presentation. The community space has microphones equipment.

Can I hold an event on the weekend?

Nope, sorry. Our event space is available to the public Monday-Friday 8am-8pm.

Can I work for free on Floor Five?

Floor Five is not free workspace. We provide space to people in accelerator and community programs. If you are needing workspace, check out Society of Work.

Can I charge people to come to my event?

Because our space is community oriented, we prefer that events held on Floor Five are free and open to the public. We understand that events cost money to run and are open to a nominal charge to help cover the cost of events.

What if our team wants to hold a meeting in a conference room?

Conference room can be reserved if your meeting aligns with the Floor FIve mission. If you need to reserve conference room space for a business meeting, check out Society of Work

Can I serve food and drinks?

Of course. No event is complete without food and drink. However, you are responsible for cleaning up after your event. Events that serve alcohol must comply with our Floor Five Policies, sign an event contract and provide proof of liability insurance.

Who will be there to help with my event?

We will be at The Edney during business hours, but we are a small staff and are often helping several events at one time. If you know that you need special attention for your event, please book a time with Floor Five Staff to be trained in the space or reserve for one of our staff to be on site during the meeting. We know that even under the best circumstances, A/V doesn’t work and things can not go as planned.