February 05, 2017

The Enterprise Center Receives Funding from Mozilla for LOLA In Classrooms

Mozilla has announced nineteen grant award recipients in Austin, Kansas City and Chattanooga that will receive support from the [Gigabit Community Fund][http://learning.mozilla.org/en-US/gigabit/], including The Enterprise Center’s initiative to bring LOLA to Chattanooga school classrooms. LOLA (short for LOw LAtency) allows for unnoticed transmitted delays via the internet, allowing for students to interact with research facilities and art programs in schools throughout the country in real time.

One Beat

Grantees across the three cities will receive funding for a 16-week pilot period beginning January 30. The Gigabit Community Fund, a collaboration with National Science Foundation and US Ignite, is investing in projects that utilize gigabit technology to impact learning.

Grantees will utilize the awarded funds to build, pilot, and scale gigabit-enabled applications and associated curricula that have immediate, measurable effect on classrooms and informal learning organizations.

Hamilton County Department of Education, the Enterprise Center and the Public Education Foundation are using LOLA technology to expand access to arts education across the city of Chattanooga, and beyond.