Mission & Vision

Cultivate an ecosystem of academia, industry and community to develop and apply innovative solutions to authentic challenges in Chattanooga while leveraging our community assets in order to thrive in the new economy.


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2019 IDC Smart Cities North America Awards

2019 Smart 50 Awards : Honoring the most transformative smart projects each year


Chattanooga, TN, collaborating and applying data to address the city’s needs

Citizens come first in Chattanooga’s Smart City efforts

Chattanooga collaborative among Top 50 smart city projects.

UTC, Erlanger, EPB join in Chattanooga research collaborative.

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UTC’s Sartipi accepts award on behalf of Chattanooga’s Smart City initiative.

ML King Boulevard a UTC testbed for Smart City initiative

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Chattanooga Collaborative Named In Top 50 Smart City Projects.

Chattanooga collaborative among Top 50 smart city projects.

UTC’s CUIP Plays Part in Chattanooga’s Recognition as a Top 50 “Smart City”.

Smart City Collaborative in Chattanooga is a high tech testbed for wireless, IoT, and smart city technologies of all kinds.

From dirtiest city to model smart city.

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