The Enterprise Center is looking for a Community Outreach Coordinator to increase the overall community engagement in the Innovation District and the innovation economy relative to the programs of The Enterprise Center. The person in this position will work in particular to enhance the inclusiveness in all Innovation District programs leading to the increased diversity of the Innovation District and Enterprise Center programmatic strategies.

The recently released Innovation District Framework Plan proposes a plan that will help grow Chattanooga’s innovation district through the work of four strategies. Feedback from the community shaped one of the Innovation District core values of Diversity and Inclusion. The Innovation District will be one of Chattanooga’s most diverse and inclusive communities and was established to improve the lives of all Chattanoogans. Stakeholders who shape and lead the district must represent and advocate for all communities and cultures in Chattanooga. The work of the Innovation District will impact, engage and improve the lives of all Chattanoogans from our closest neighbors to those in more distant neighborhoods.

The Community Outreach Coordinator will be responsible for cultivating community partnerships and developing relationships with stakeholders, businesses, individuals, schools and other organizations to engage and introduce them to The Innovation District’s program areas. The Community Outreach Coordinator will serve as the face and voice of The Enterprise Center bridging the gap between the Innovation District and the broader Chattanooga community. This position reports to the Director of Innovation District Programs.

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES Serve as a Community Liaison for Innovation District initiatives, creating opportunities to increase inclusiveness in all district initiatives and programming to attract and engage a more diverse population.

  • Understand the mission of each Innovation District strategy.

  • Evaluate the needs of the general public and community groups in relation to the strategies of the Innovation District and identify barriers to community members’ involvement.

  • Establish and maintain effective relationships with representatives of community and social and civic organizations.

  • Represent TEC in a variety of public settings to increase awareness.

  • Serve as an ambassador of the mission of The Innovation District and The Enterprise Center in the interaction with current and potential partners and the media.

  • Working with the Marketing and Communications Manager to create outreach materials such as flyers, posters and press releases to bring awareness to opportunities in the Innovation District.

This role will be successful when partnered with the goals, and strategies of District and Community Partners. Aligning with the mission of The Chamber of Commerce to build an foster a welcoming and inclusive business community where diversity is celebrated, this work will rely on collaboration and support from the Innovation District Community Outreach Coordinator with the direction from The Chamber’s Director of Talent and Economic Inclusion.

In partnership with the Chamber of Commerce,

  • Work to develop and implement a comprehensive and innovative community outreach plan targeting individual, private, corporate, school and organizations.

  • Develop and engage community outreach activities and programs to introduce the larger community to places and programs of the Innovation District increasing their knowledge and access to opportunities.

  • Create Community Input Events focused on new ways of engaging and collaborating with community members.

  • Develop content and materials for special outreach programs such as workshops, meetings, and conferences.

  • Design and develop outreach materials for programs customers, maintain marketing lists and develop a communications strategy.

To Apply: Email cover letter and resume to Mary Stargel with subject line: Innovation District Community Outreach Coordinator. No phone calls or additional emails, please.