Pictured are four people networking and drinking beer at Oddstory

Nikki Sneed Moving to a new city can be overwhelming. There’s finding a place to live, packing your entire life into liquor store boxes and shoving those into the back of a moving truck that will probably get lost, saying goodbye to all of your friends and favorite places, finding a way to fit in […]

What is an Innovation District?

A photo of an audience in Miller Plaza, listening to a speaker on stage.

By Nikki Sneed Innovation districts have been profiled in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and online media from Business Insider to Demos Quarterly. But what are they exactly? In The Rise of Innovation Districts, the Brookings Institution defines innovation districts as “geographic areas where leading-edge anchor institutions and companies cluster and connect […]

The Tomorrow Building

Chattanooga is all about taking it to the next level. We did it with the Internet by being the first city to offer “the gig.” Now we’re doing it with co-living at The Tomorrow Building. With 39 fully-furnished micro-unit apartments, shared community spaces, and tons of engaging events, The Tomorrow Building is an up-scale, co-living […]

Covalence Coding School

With growth comes challenges. That’s true for everything, but especially true for the growing economy of an evolving city. One of the challenges faced by Chattanooga is actually a positive problem to have: According to data from the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce in 2016, there were more than 8,000 programming-related jobs listed over the past […]